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Should I Insure My Wedding?

We all know there are all kinds of insurance – home, health, car … just to name a few – but did you know there is also wedding insurance?



You might be wondering, why would I need wedding insurance (and to spend any more money)?! Weddings are often one of the biggest purchases you’ve made to date so why wouldn’t you want to protect your investment?


Imagine a few of these scenarios:

  • An unexpected hurricane is headed your way… right on wedding day … and vendors and guests have to cancel
  • A vendor goes out of business and leaves you high and dry (with no return of that hefty deposit)
  • Your dress doesn’t arrive in time (anyone read the recent news of the Alfred Angelo closing situation?)
  • A guest drinks too much, drives home and is in an accident
  • Someone gets hurt during the reception
  • Your fiancé (or brother or otherclose family member) is deployed last minute
  • Your baker is in an accident enroute to the wedding and your cake is destroyed
  • Your venue is purchased and no longer honors your contract


These are (most likely) your worst nightmare scenarios, right? But sometimes things happen and with wedding insurance you will be protected.


So how do you get this special event insurance policy? First, check with your homeowner or renter insurance providers to see if they offer a policy. If not, there are plenty of other companies out there that do offer wedding insurance. Second, you will want to find out which situations the policy will cover, how much it will cover, your deductible and, of course, the cost. Third, find out how submitting claims works and response time.


Hopefully you never need to use the policy but if you ever face a horrible situation that does require insurance, won’t it be good to know you are insured (and don’t have to pay out of pocket!)?


Article originally featured on Bustld

Red, White & Blue Sangria | Charlotte Wedding Planner

It’s no secret that here at Something Perfect we love sangria! So when there’s a long holiday weekend, it’s the perfect excuse to whip up a pitcher!

While I may have to take a rain check on the sangria this year thanks to Baby Gomez, my go to recipe for the 4th of July is this red, white & blue white sangria. Try it out yourself over this long weekend while laying at the beach, pool, on the lake or hanging out at a backyard BBQ!

Red, White and Blue Sangria


1 bottle crisp white wine (My go to is Pinot Grigio or Savignon Blanc)

½ cup white rum

1 container raspberries (Strawberries would work too!)

1 container blueberries


Mix all ingredients together in a pitcher a few hours before serving. Refrigerate until served. Serve over ice & enjoy!

*Add some bubbles for something extra or seltzer water if you are calorie counting!

Jackie + Dan’s Intimate Memorial Day Weekend Wedding | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Jackie & Dan were married at the Arbors over Memorial Day weekend & it could not have been more perfect!

While the couple met back in college, Dan was deployed with the Army for much of their relationship. While Dan was home, he managed to surprise Jackie at one of her pageants with a proposal on stage! Shortly after, Dan redeployed & Jackie managed to get through Dan’s deployment, start a new school program, start a new job & plan her wedding all at the same time!

The intimate ceremony was held on the beautiful grounds of the Arbors underneath a custom arbor. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed the patio overlooking the lake for cocktail hour, followed by a relaxing evening of s’mores by the fire pit & fishing in the lake!

The sweetest moment of all? When Dan’s daughter joined the couple halfway through their first dance so they could finish the dance as their new little family. As if that weren’t enough, when Dan went to pull off Jackie’s garter he pretended to pull out an envelope he had in his pocket & surprised his new bride with a honeymoon to Italy!

Congrats again the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Fissel!

Thank you to all the Charlotte Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Planning: Something Perfect
Florals: Daniel’s Florist
Venue: The Arbors
Dessert: Icing on the Edge
Catering: Lake Norman Weddings & Events
Entertainment: Virtual Sounds
Strings: Ten String Theory
Photo Booth: SS Event Services
Photography: Ben Belt Photography
Videography: Reel Weddings

Emi + Hunter’s Trendy City Wedding | Charlotte Wedding Planner

After my first meeting with Emi & Hunter, I knew their day would be one to remember! Their vision of modern romance mixed paired with trendy touches was perfect for their Charlotte city wedding.

With the Foundation for the Carolinas as their backdrop, the Charlotte-based couple’s mid-May wedding truly was a vision brought to life. Surrounded by their friends & family, the couple said “I do” with the cityscape in the background & a beautifully lined aisle of pineapples and flowers.

The sweetest touch was when the bride’s parent’s took the dance floor to share a special dance with one another, just after the father of the bride toasted to Emi choosing her best friend to spend her life with, just as he had.

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Valine!

Thank you to all the Charlotte Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Planning: Something Perfect
Beauty: Dana Raia
Florals: Lily Bee’s Floral
Venue: Foundation for the Carolinas
Dessert: Ella’s Celestial Cakes
Catering: Something Classic
Entertainment: Diamond DJs
Photography: Rob + Kristen
Videography: Carolina Story Films

Should I have a DJ or Band at my Wedding? | Charlotte Wedding Planner

The inevitable question while planning your Charlotte wedding: Should I have a band or DJ? If only it were that simple! Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding which is right for you.

Live music creates an energizing and entertaining setting that can’t be beat. Guests can enjoy the music by dancing or watching the band perform. Bands are visually appealing and definitely leave your guests with a memorable experience.

Most obviously, bands are more expensive than DJs. Bands also take up more space and more often than not, have more set up requirements (like set up time and electrical). Also, bands tend to specialize in one type or genre of music, leaving your set list more fine-tuned.

charlotte wedding planner, charlotte wedding coordinator, north carolina wedding planner, wedding band

Photo by Katherine Elana Photography

A DJ can play almost all types of music and any different artist that you request, so the variety of music played by a DJ is much greater. They can also take requests on wedding night if there is something that pops into your head! DJs are also a less expensive option compared to bands, require little set up space and can generally set up quicker if you are on a tight timetable.

Nothing can kill the dance floor faster than a bad DJ! Whether that means they’re overly cheesy, not energetic enough or playing music that doesn’t fit the crowd, you only have that one person to depend on to work the room, rather than several band members.

Wedding Wednesday: All About Wedding Favors | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Are wedding favors an unnecessary add to your budget or an enhancement to your event? Are they gifts guests actually appreciate or throw away when we aren’t looking? You be the decision maker!

Do I have to do favors? Favors are definitely a nice way to show gratitude & appreciation for your guests taking time to celebrate with you, but they are in no way mandatory! Favors are a way to add a personalized touch to say thank you to your guests.

How much should I spend on favors? This is really dependent on your budget & wedding style (upscale vs. casual). For example, if you spent thousands on your gown & the reception is held at an exclusive venue, it would be expected to spend a little more on favors.

What are some ideas for favors? We are big fans of non-traditional favors! Something your guests will actually use – like a late night snack to take home, a candy bar with baggies to-go or a freshly packed box of Krispy Kreme donuts!

charlotte wedding planner, charlotte wedding, north carolina wedding planner, north carolina wedding coordinator, wedding favors, donuts

Photo by Katherine Elena Photography

What should I avoid? While your wedding date & monogram may be special to you, it isn’t necessarily something your friends want printed on something for them – unless it’s packaging for food!

How to Decide if Dance Lessons Are Right For You | Charlotte Wedding Planner

One of the first moments you will share as a married couple at your Charlotte wedding is your first dance. All eyes will be on you & you new husband or wife as you all take the dance floor – no pressure or anything!

Many couples prepare for this special moment with dance lessons ahead of time. Not sure if dance lessons are for you? Consider these thoughts before making your decision!


It is recommended to start lessons about 6-8 months out & you may need anywhere from 6-20 sessions, depending on the type of dance sequence you want to learn. Sessions are usually 45 min – 1 hour long. It will definitely be a time commitment. The positive side – quality time with your significant other leading up to wedding day!

charlotte wedding, charlotte wedding planner, north carolina wedding, north carolina wedding planner, first dance

Photo credit: Kristen + Rob Photography


Whether you opt for private lessons or group lessons will affect the cost. So will the number of sessions you need.

Comfort Level

If you are already pretty good on your feet & can pick up a beat easily, you may be comfortable enough to wing it out on the dance floor. If you know already you have two left feet & are dreading that moment you are called to the dance floor, you may be better off having a routine to follow.

Fashion Friday: Bridesmaids Dresses | Charlotte Wedding Planner

We recently attended the grand opening for Brideside featuring gorgeous florals from Bookout Blooms and a delicious dinner by Roots Catering. But the coolest part of the entire night was learning about this unique new shop! It’ s the perfect way to mix and match your bridesmaid’s dresses with style and we love the owners story of how this place came to be!

Charlotte Wedding, Charlotte Wedding Planner, Charlotte Bridesmaids Dresses

Photo Courtesy of Studio Sequoia Photography

How it works is really cool – as a bride you sign up for the service, and can use a digital closet to save dresses you like. You can even invite your girls in on the fun, and they can save dresses they like as well!

What if your girls aren’t local? Well, the new Brideside location is an amazing spot to get everyone together during a girls weekend! Or, check out the Brideside Box Try at Home. You can select dresses for your girls to try on, and have them shipped right to their house!

Charlotte Wedding, Charlotte Wedding Planner, Charlotte Bridesmaids Dress

Photo Courtesy of Katherine Elena Photography

Brideside has truly taken the stress out of finding a bridesmaids dress, and we are so excited they have chosen a spot in Charlotte to call home!

Samantha & Chris’s Stunning Wedding Day | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Where do I even begin with Samantha & Chris. They were truly such an incredible couple and we absolutely loved being a part of their wedding planning journey. They knew exactly what they wanted, and we’re so much fun. It was amazing seeing their vision come to life at their Charlotte wedding last month at the Mint Museum Uptown.

They say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but not for these two! After meeting at a pool party in Las Vegas, it was happily ever after. Since then, the two decided to select a new hometown together (Charlotte!) and purchased their first home together. They also have two seriously cute pups.

With their vision in mind, we set out to make the top floor of the Mint Museum exactly what they wanted. Gorgeous white drapery, hanging silver chandeliers and lace tablecloths fit the bill. A mix of tall and short centerpieces really made the room pop – but nothing came close to making the night as special as watching Samantha and Chris celebrate with friends and family.

We almost felt like family, too, after seeing guests enjoy family style pasta and wine, and listening to toasts which were both heartfelt and hilarious. All followed by one of the most epic dance parties we’ve ever seen! The night concluded with Samantha stealing the show by singing Spice Girls on the dance floor.

We couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful day for these two! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Louis-Jacques

Thank you to all the Charlotte Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Planning: Something Perfect
Florals and Rentals: Carolina Luxury
Venue: The Mint Museum and St. Peters Catholic Church
Dessert: Nona’s Sweets
Catering: Something Classic
Entertainment: Split Second Sound
Photo Booth: Shutterbooth
Rental Furniture: CE Rentals
Photography: Studio Sequoia
Transportation: R&R Pedicab and A Class Act Limousine
Videography: Carolina Video Production

Pros and Cons of a Friday or Sunday Wedding | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Saturday weddings used to be the norm but today weddings are all about bucking tradition. Considering a non-Saturday date? Today we are sharing our thoughts on the pros and cons of this date alternative:

Charlotte Wedding Planner, Charlotte Wedding, Duke Mansion Wedding

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Laffoon Photography


  • You may save money! Venues and vendors may be willing to discount their services or throw in a few complimentary add-ons since the date is less in demand.

**Keep in mind, the work is often the same no matter the day of the week so not all vendors will choose to offer a discount.

  • Friday weddings can be fun option if you have a lot of guests traveling from out of town because you can plan a whole weekend of celebrations. Kick off the weekend with the ultimate celebration followed by some fun laid back options throughout the week (we love the idea of a day at the Whitewater Center or a brewery tour!)
  • If you have an important date in your lives together, this can be a great reason to choose a non-Saturday Charlotte wedding. Or maybe the vendor you’ve been dreaming about is only available off-peak days. It’s all about keeping your wedding personal and prioritizing.


  • Sunday weddings will likely be less of a “party” with most guests having to work or travel home the next day. Keep in mind your guests may leave earlier or be less likely to spend the night on the dance floor.
  • Off-peak days often require more travel (read: time off) for your guests so your guest count may be more declines than if you planned a Saturday fete.
  • Friday weddings may require a later start time as guests may still need to work before joining your celebration.

Need help picking a wedding date still? Let our Charlotte wedding planning team help you! Contact us today at

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