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Memorial Day in the Queen City| Charlotte Wedding Planner

Memorial Day is one of those weekends we just LOVE here at Something Perfect. It’s the start of summer and a great weekend to celebrate all of the success of the spring season. While this holiday weekend includes quite a few things for us – a wedding, a staycation and day trips – we can’t wait to celebrate!

Aside from the AMAZING wedding my team has scheduled for Saturday at the Arbors, my best friend from Maryland and her boyfriend are coming to visit for the long weekend! Since their visit last Memorial Day weekend, we have moved to a house on Lake Norman. I am excited to have a new area to explore with them! We can’t wait to explore new breweries, lake front dining, canoeing and hopefully a boat day! Xo, Lauren

Typically when I have a three day weekend, my fiance, Ryan and I take advantage and head to the beach. This year things will be a bit different, as we have just closed on our first home. I’m looking forward to using the extra time off to get as much decorating done as possible before I host my first guests the following weekend! Our schedules have been very hectic lately, so if we get all of that done, I am perfectly content to just have some R & R at home. Xo, Stephanie

Memorial Day weekend is always the official start for summer for me! While June is still a busy wedding month at Something Perfect, it’s the perfect long weekend to celebrate an incredible month of hard work. I am planning a lot of sleeping in, time outside and possibly a little day drinking at some of my favorite breweries around town… with Ryan & Pickles, of course! Xo, Samie

This year, Memorial Day marks a long weekend to celebrate everything both my husband and I have accomplished so far in 2017. For him, a very, very, busy tax season at work, and for me a very busy wedding season! Instead of going on a trip, my parents have asked us to dog sit while they are out of town. Luckily for us this means a stay-cation on Lake Norman! We will be stealing their boat for a few days, sipping wine on the dock, and finding the best brunch spot the lake has to offer. (fingers crossed we don’t forget the sunscreen!) Xo, Abby

Looking for something to do here in the Queen City? Charlotte has a laundry list of fun things to do this weekend, whether your ideal Memorial Day weekend means getting your sweat on, getting your drink on, or get your cruise on! Here are a few ideas:

 Symphony Park in South Park is hosting its Annual Go The Mile run! Instead of a traditional 5K you can opt for the “extra mile” to honor veterans!
The White Water Center is hosting a run as well. Feel free to stay all day, have a drink, and watch their fireworks display at 9:30pm.
At NoDa Brewery you can also support a good cause, just by having a beer! $1 from every beer sold will support the USO of North Carolina. Cheers!
And of course, you can check out a couple of our other favorite spots like OMB, or Dilworth Tasting Room.

If you can’t imagine not starting the summer off on the water, head to Fitzgerald’s for transportation to the three hour Lake Norman Memorial Day Cruise including two hours of free beer and wine and free food. Finish off the evening back at Fitzgerald’s for the after party!





Wedding Wednesday: Karis & Doug | Charlotte Wedding Planner

After meeting Karis, I knew immediately I would be heartbroken if we didn’t have the chance to work together! Her sweet and fun personality made her extremely easy to talk to. Plus, I loved their story – Doug was Karis’ property manager and depending on who you ask the washing machine kept breaking / Karis kept breaking it 😉

After a romantic proposal in their new home together, it was no surprise that their Charlotte wedding was filled with incredibly sweet and personable moments. Their ceremony was nothing short of stunning, and two very special guests took a trip down the aisle: their dogs!

Their reception was unique in so many ways. For starters, their first dance as husband and wife started off just as you would expect – but about halfway through the music skipped. Guests looked around to see if a possible music malfunction was to blame, but instead discovered the whole thing was planned! The familiar chorus of Uptown Funk came thundering out of the speakers as Karis and Doug broke out into a choreographed dance (even including a spin move!). Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances soon followed, where Doug and his mom also tricked the guests by starting the Hokey Pokey halfway through their dance (if you didn’t guess from the colors, Doug is a huge Virginia Tech fan!). It was clear that these fun and funky twists to wedding traditions were well received by all.

As the night continued, the newlyweds went to cut the cake, except instead of cake – they had an amazing array of pies for guests to try. After everyone had their share of pie, the dance party continued late into the night with guests decked out in glow sticks from head to toe! What a perfect day for such a sweet and unique couple.

Congratulations the new Mr. and Mrs. Roper!

Charlotte Wedding Vendors include:

Beauty: Beauty Asylum

Catering: Best Impressions

Venue: Byron’s Southend

Videography: Carolina Wedding Films

Dessert: Ella’s Celestial Cakes

Attire: J. Majors

Photography: Michael Board Photography

Entertainment: Split Second Sound

Florals: Willow Floral Boutique

Building Your Wedding Day Beauty Schedule | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Hair and makeup services on your wedding day are a must! But just as important, is building a beauty schedule that works and will keep you on-time for your wedding day. With it being the first thing in the morning, running behind will quite literally make your entire wedding day run behind. So today we’ve got some tips from you on exactly what to consider when scheduling hair and makeup …13_65088_full

  1. Allot at least 30 minutes per service. Talk with your stylist and find out how long she typically takes.
  2. Encourage each person to bring a few photos of inspiration with them. Depending on the timeline, every hair style or makeup look may not be possible come wedding day.
  3. Get an accurate count on who wants services. This way you can reserve the right number of stylists to keep you on track for wedding day. Adding in last minute services on wedding day is usually nearly impossible without pushing your timeline.
  4. Build in time for touch ups. This is especially important for the girls who started early in the day.
  5. Make sure everyone arrives on-time! If you have bridesmaids who usually run late, then tell them even earlier in order to keep the day on schedule.


Keeping these tips in mind will mean a stress-free morning for your Charlotte wedding!


How to Show off Charlotte at your Wedding | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Working with a majority of couples how are either not local to Charlotte themselves OR who have a large percentage of out of town guests, our couples love to show off Charlotte! With a city full of so many awesome features, how do you make sure your guests get the whole picture during your wedding weekend?


We suggest you start with welcome bags. These can be dropped off at blocked hotels for guests upon their arrival. It is fun to add something salty, something sweet and something local. Here in Charlotte – we can use all local! We love Synder’s pretzels, Cheerwine and Cloister honey (just to name a few!).


Next up… favors! Treat your guests to something on their way out the door as a thank you for attending. These Krispy Kreme donuts (from North Carolina!) are sure to be a huge hit!


The bar is another easy way to go local. With a huge selection of amazing local breweries, it’s easy to show off your city to your guests and treat them to a specialty drink they can’t get anywhere else.


Food is also a simple way to show off Charlotte. I mean, who doesn’t know about North Carolina BBQ? From Pulled pork to shrimp and grits and biscuits to mac and cheese … you really can’t go wrong!


So how will you show off your city during your Charlotte wedding?!


Need some help with planning! Email us today to chat about Charlotte wedding planning services.

How to Personalize Your Ceremony | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Every time we meet with a new couple, we ask them to describe that dream day they have in their heads – what does it look like? Smell like? What feelings do you have? We learn everything about what they envision. But one thing that’s always the same for every couple? Making their wedding “them.” But what does that mean for your Charlotte wedding? Below are our top-5 tips to make your wedding ceremony so you:

Charlotte Wedding Planner, NC Wedding Planner

  1. Make an entrance. This can be either you, or your bridal party… or your dogs! There are certainly traditions surrounding the processional and recessional, but it leaves plenty of room for interpretation. Super close to your mom? Have her walk you down the aisle along with your dad. Or have your string quartet play an instrumental version of your favorite pop song.
  2. Switch up the seating. You may choose to have separate sides, or everyone mixed. If rows aren’t for you, consider a circular seating arrangement instead. This can be a great way to get your new families to mix and meet.
    Charlotte Wedding Planner, NC Wedding Planner
  3. Write your own vows. This is probably the most common way to personalize your ceremony, and the most personal. Pull inspiration from things you both love. We love seeing how you express your love to each other in front of your friends and family.
  4. Choose readers. They can read something they wrote, a prayer you provided, a bible verse or a quote from literature. Any way you choose, it can be something totally unique to your wedding that will stick with your guests for years to come.
  5. Something extra. Add something to your ceremony that will mean something to you like a unity candle ceremony, a sand ceremony or a knot tying ceremony. It is up to you if you would like these to be religious or not!

Charlotte Wedding Planner, NC Wedding Planner

Foodie Friday: Aix En Provence | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Ryan and I stumbled upon this place after a wedding rehearsal at The Duke Mansion. Looking for a quick drink and bite to eat, this Mediterranean restaurant was the perfect place. But once we were inside, that decision quickly turned to dinner. The waiters are so knowledgable and the bartender can cook up some pretty delicious cocktails. While we’ve since been back and tried a few different things, a few of our favorites are the escargot and risotto (and lots and lots of that delicious bread and butter).

Check it out next time you and your hubby are looking for a break from planning your Charlotte wedding.

xx, Samie

Fashion Friday: Engagement Shoot Outfits | Charlotte Wedding Planner

There are so many reasons to do an engagement photo shoot (check out some of them here). But a question we hear so often is – what am I going to wear?!


With engagement shoots, they are a more casual way to get to know your photographer, and get familiar with the photo shoot process, so you should choose an outfit that is totally you!


Often, you will have two outfit change options. Consider a more formal look, and then switching to something more casual. Be sure that your outfit matches the location of the photo shoot. Stilettos are stunning for an uptown rooftop shoot but aren’t very functional on the beach. Likewise, a floor length gown is gorgeous for a mansion shoot, but might feel out of place at a rustic barn shoot.


Use this opportunity to wear one of your favorite dresses or favorite colors! You probably won’t have professional photos taken after this one until you’re in all white – so make it worthwhile! We love personalizing your photos, with sports jerseys or fun props that show off your couple-style.
Don’t be shy about engagement photos, start planning your outfits early so you can make the most of them!


How to Choose The Perfect Hair & Makeup For You | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life thus far, and you’ve hired someone to literally photograph the entire thing. How do you figure out your look for the big day?!

Charlotte Wedding Planner, NC Wedding Planner

  1. Start online looking for inspiration. Pinterest can be a great resource, but it is also helpful to look for local Charlotte inspiration, which can help you narrow down a few candidates (hint: check out Bustld’s wedspiration boards).
  2. Make sure you are choosing the right inspiration. You may love the way lavender eye shadow makes green eyes pop in one photo, but yours are brown. Also consider the length of your hair. If you like a specific up do, make sure you are able to achieve the look before becoming ‘wedded’ to it.
  3. Consider your budget. It may be ideal to have airbrushed makeup and hair extensions, but these things are pricey. Determining how important hair and makeup is to you is an important step in finding the right artist for your Charlotte wedding.
    Charlotte Wedding Planner, NC Wedding Planner
  4. Do a trial run! Yes, a lot of times this will come with an additional charge- but we cannot stress enough how important it is! You don’t want to wait until wedding morning to find out that your makeup artist totally isn’t understanding your vision. We recommend pairing your makeup trial with your engagement or bridal shoot. This way, you not only know how your hair and makeup looks like in the mirror, but you can make sure you like your look on camera, too!
  5. Speak up. If you aren’t totally in love with your look, let them know! The only person who knows your exact vision is you – and there’s nothing wrong with giving some instruction. You will have these photos forever, after all! And we can guarantee your makeup artist wants you to be happy.

Charlotte Wedding Planner, NC Wedding Planner

Videographer: Yes or No | Charlotte Wedding Planner

This is one of those questions where there is truly no right answer. We decided to open the discussion to our past and present couples to get a truly unbiased view on the subject:

Charlotte Wedding Planner, NC wedding Planner

“We originally weren’t going to get one to save money, but kept hearing that the day would fly by and we would hardly remember so we ended up looking for one further into the planning process.” – Emi Valine


“I would love one, but this is where we chose to save some money” – Shannon Small


“We ended up saying yes to the videographer and it was probably some of the best money we spent. He was able to capture the day in a way the photos can’t..” – Brad Graboyes


So how do you know if a videographer is right for your Charlotte wedding? Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you think you will watch the video next year? In five years? With your kids?
  • Did you grow up watching video as a kid? Is there a sentimental value to the wedding video?
  • Do you want to hear your loved ones down the road?
  • How much flexibility do you have with your budget if you didn’t originally budget for one?


It’s important to take some time to discuss the pros and cons with your other half before coming to a decision. A Charlotte wedding planner (like us!) can also help you make the decision J


Theres no better way to warm up at a gorgeous winter wedding, than with a just as gorgeous signature cocktail! We bring you, the Poinsettia!

4 parts champagne
1 part cranberry juice
Optional Garnishes: cranberries will float to the top and really make this drink ‘pop’!


Looking for other signature cocktail recipes? Check out some options here for spring, summer, and fall!

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