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Anna & Graham | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Anna & Graham’s story started their senior year at Wake Forest University. Despite living across the hall from each other during their sophomore year, their paths didn’t cross until one night in February during their senior year. Anna & Graham were set up by mutual friends and the rest was history!

Graham popped the question on their vacation to Spring Island, South Carolina in front of the ruins of a Civil War-era tabby house overlooking the sound. The proposal got even better when Graham surprised Anna with all her family in town to celebrate. Needless to say, she said yes!

Their wedding took place on October 28, 2017. Anna and Graham had a beautiful ceremony at St. Gabriel’s Church followed by their reception at Myers Park Country Club. The reception space was dazzling with hundreds of market lights draping from the ceiling and jaw dropping chandeliers. The centerpieces alternated from short clusters to tall dramatic vases which gave the room a regal feel.

Guests loved Anna & Graham’s customized koozies and had a lot of fun with their Polaroid guestbook. The main focal point of the room was Anna & Graham’s five-tiered wedding cake. It was eye-catching with life-sized magnolia sugar flowers and edible lace detail on each tier.

Guests had a blast with the live band and the Wake Forest colored Mardi Gras beads. The night wrapped up with a hot dog food truck waiting for guests outside the venue as a late-night snack after the bubble send off. The newlyweds rode off in a golf cart (but not before making a quick trip to the hotdog stand to grab a few for themselves!).

Piper Warlick Photography

Congrats the happy newlyweds!

Thank you to all our vendors who made this day possible!

Kathy Allen Fine Cakes

St. Gabriel Catholic Church

Java Band

Flowers from the Cellar

Piper Warlick Photography

Myers Park Country Club

Winter Wonderland Uptown Wedding | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Jaci & Tom met one winter night during their senior year, all of Tom’s friends were dating Jaci’s friends and so they both ended up at the same house party. After hanging out a few more times, they went out on their first date, Jaci wore a dress with heels and Tom wore basketball shorts. Despite their outfit differences, Jaci & Tom both had a lot in common and hit it off!

Flash forward to the proposal… Jaci had planned a huge 30th birthday surprise party for Tom with a private brewery hop around D.C. The chartered bus carrying their family and friends was to arrive at Tom’s apartment and whisk them away for beer tastings and fun. The night before, at his official birthday dinner, Jaci had told Tom she had “a little something planned” for that day, not realizing he already knew all the details after accidentally seeing an email notification on her phone. Little did she know, Tom had a surprise of his own.

When the bus pulled up in front of the apartment building, Jaci announced that their Uber had arrived and they headed outside. When she pulled him onto the bus and everyone yelled “surprise!,” Jaci thought she had pulled it off. Tom acted shocked to see everyone, as he went to the back of the bus to hug his family (and secretly have his brother pass him a ring box). To Jaci’s surprised the bus stopped at the Washington Monument. She was told that they wanted to take a few group pictures. It was then, as friends and family stood around on the lawn of the Washington Monument, that Tom thanked everyone for being there (Jaci still was oblivious to what was going on), got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. The rest was a blur of tears and excitement!

Jaci and Tom’s wedding day was a wintery dream. Jaci, Tom and guests woke up the rare sight of North Carolina snow! They said “I do” on Dec. 9 at St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church surrounded by close friends and family. Afterward, the ceremony guests headed to The Mint Museum Uptown for a festive celebration full of warm candlelight, lots of greenery and beautiful neutral shades. Guests were greeted with an array of appetizers and drinks during cocktail hour and singed Jaci & Tom’s guest book which was a caricature of them! Jaci & Tom chose to have a room reveal of their reception space, and got to have that private moment while guests enjoyed themselves at cocktail hour.

The entrance to the reception space featured draped fabric with a garland of greenery and flowers throughout to create a dramatic entrance. Once inside, the room was lit with hundreds of candles to create the warm, romantic vibe Jaci had envisioned. The back wall of the room housed the dessert bar that was filled with cupcakes, cake and other sweets including the local Cheerwine! Guests loved the taco, sliders and pretzel and fondue stations. The party really got started when the glow sticks hit the dance floor and everyone danced the night away!

Congratulations Jaci & Tom, we wish you the best!

Check out their wedding video here!


Huge thank you to all the Charlotte vendors who made this day possible!

Photographer: Rob+Kristen Photography

Beauty: Cali Stott

Cake: Nona’s Sweets

Catering: Something Classic

Venue: St. Gabriel Church and The Mint Museum Uptown

Entertainment: Split Second Sound

Floral: Willow Floral

Rentals: Carolina Charm and Party reflections 

Transportation: Harris Limo and A classic Act Limousine

Videography: Carolina Story Films

Setting Up and Breaking Down Your Wedding | Charlotte Wedding Planner


You’ve picked out your florals, lighting and chairs and now you might be wondering…  who is going to set all of this up? We are sharing what you can expect from your vendors when it comes to setting up and breaking down your wedding day (and why you need a Charlotte wedding planner to make sure things flow smoothly!)


Besides cooking up a delish meal your caterer is responsible for a lot on wedding day. Typically, caterers are in charge of assembling the place setting with chargers, plates, silverware and glassware. They also do a lot of behind the scenes work like cut the cake to serve to guests and handle trash duties.

Rental Company

Rental companies are responsible for placing linens, setting the lighting, chairs for your ceremony and reception and those amazing farm tables you couldn’t live without!


Florists have a big job after they’ve assembled all those gorgeous flowers – they now have to set them up (and of course break them down). That 10-foot garland isn’t going to hang itself! Your florist will be there at the very beginning to set that gorgeous reception and will be back that night to clean up (or sometimes the next day depending on venue).


The venue manager and their team are responsible for keeping the space clean and ready for your big day! If you’re renting tables and chairs from a venue they will typically set those up for you as well.


Last but not least! The planner’s responsibilities typically are to set up and break down personal items such as the guest book, card box, memorial table, seating chart, etc. Planners also make sure that set up and break down is running smoothly on all ends, helping to troubleshoot anything that may come up while making sure it’s exactly the way you want it to look. At the end of the night, they make sure the bride and groom get in their getaway car with all their personal belongings like overnight bags, cards/gifts and leftover wedding cake.


Photography by Piper Warlick

A Birthday Dinner Turned Surprise Engagement | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Theresa & Thomas’ story could have started on a spring break cruise that they were both on, or in the church they both attended, or at a Halloween party they were both at, but as fate would have it they never ran into each other on any of those occasions and it took Tinder to bring these two together! Their first date was on the boardwalk by UNCC; they chatted over frozen yogurt and knew from the start that they had found someone special. Fast forward a few years and now they have both graduated, traveled together, bought a house & even added a new puppy into the mix!

Thomas knew from the very beginning that Theresa was the one. After two years of dating he couldn’t wait any longer and started to plan the proposal. Thomas knew that Theresa always adored her grandmother’s ring, and on Christmas Eve 2016 he asked Theresa’s grandmother if he could create a new ring with her diamond. Thomas was able to find the perfect setting & keep it hidden from Theresa for a month!

The proposal took place the night of Theresa’s grandmother’s birthday dinner at Ciro’s on the boardwalk (where their first date was). After dinner, a cake was brought out to the table that was seemingly a birthday cake but instead it said, “Will you marry me Theresa?” She turned around to see Thomas already down on one knee. How sweet!

We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the future Mr. & Mrs. Doan on October 20 at the Charlotte City Club!

Photos courtesy of Rob + Kristen



Interfaith Weddings | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Religion can be a very tricky thing to navigate when it comes to planning a wedding. With strong family opinions, traditions and expectations it’s hard to please everyone. This can be especially true when you are combining families of two different religious backgrounds. So how does one do this?


First and foremost, it’s important to talk to your partner and decide how religion is going to play a role in not only your wedding day, but your marriage. Your wedding day is the beginning of your life together so it’s important to stay true to what you and your partner want and to be open and honest with your families.

How to deal with family

You’ve discussed with your guy and you’ve both have come to a conclusion. Now it’s time to tell mom and dad. Easier said than done, right?

Talk to both sets of parents about what their expectations are for your wedding day. Once you both have decided what you want for your day, discuss your choices with your families. It’s important to be honest with them from the start. Be patient with families and give them time to accept and adjust to your ideas.

How to plan the Ceremony

Ultimately, the amount of religion included in your ceremony is up to you (assuming you aren’t getting married in a place of worship). It’s important to loop in your wedding planner and officiant on exactly what you want and don’t want to head off any potential problems, such as well-intentioned guest requesting a religious song or dance.

Incorporate elements of both religions

Compromise is never a bad thing! A good way to please both sides of the family is to include both faiths into your wedding day. This could be through:

Choosing an officiant

Choose an officiant who believes in your union and makes both of you feel comfortable. Your officiant can help you design a ceremony that works for you both. Interfaith ministers or celebrants are some good options for officiants who perform interfaith ceremonies. You also don’t need to stop at one officiant! You could choose to have two, one who represents each faith. Have them highlight aligned aspects of both religions and similarities to bring both religions and families together.

Mix of readings and ceremonial rituals

Choose to incorporate elements of both religions – like a Bible reading and the breaking of the glass if you are planning a Christian and Jewish wedding ceremony. Consider incorporating family into these rituals as well to show them how the two religions will combine in your life together.

Make your guests a part of the experience

Create a wedding program that includes explanations of specific religious customs so you’re your guests can understand and participate in unfamiliar traditions.


How To: Build A Floor Plan | Charlotte Wedding Planner


Backyard, hotel, barn, you name it, we have a set of tools to help you build a floor plan for any venue. Building a floor plan that’s going to flow & get guests on to the dance floor is a crucial part of the planning process. The last thing you want is a choppy floor plan that leaves your dance floor empty… this is after all a celebration so let’s get this party started!

Dance Floor

When possible, this should be the centerpiece of your wedding. The goal is to keep it small; guests will be more encouraged to get up & dance if they see a full dance floor rather than a sparse one. Another necessity to creating a party atmosphere is to make sure the DJ is placed right next to the dance floor.


Always make sure the dance floor isn’t too far from the bar. Rule of thumb: people love to drink at weddings. If you put the bar in a separate space from the dance floor, it will encourage people to leave the dance floor area. This can also be applied to a photo booth or any other fun vendors you’re bringing in. We know that not everyone likes to dance so add a couple of cocktail tables in the bar area to encourage mingling.


When figuring out seating play around with positioning the head/sweetheart table opposite the dance floor so you & your hubby are center stage & everyone can see you. Another option is to arrange the tables around the dance floor in a U-shape to keep the focus on you (the main attraction for the night).

As for the guests, you want to make sure no table is too close to another or the wall. Your guest’s comfort is important too! When it comes to spacing, you also want an easy path to the dance floor from all tables & the main door, especially if you’re doing introductions.


Photos courtesy of Rob+Kristen

Stunning Uptown Wedding at Foundation for the Carolinas | Charlotte Wedding Planner


Charlotte and Joe’s wedding day was nothing shy of perfection. Their wedding took place on a bright & sunny day in November. The wedding party got ready at the Ivey’s hotel in uptown right across the street from their venue, The Foundation for the Carolinas. Charlotte & Joe said their vows under a seven-foot wooden cross handmade by Charlotte’s father.

Once the couple said, “I do,” guests headed into cocktail hour where they mixed, mingled & enjoyed an array of hors d’oeuvres. The ceremony space was transformed into a gorgeous reception complete with a stunning king’s table in the center of the room. A burgundy taffeta runner spilled over each end of the table. On top of the table were elaborate centerpieces with lush florals and pomegranate halves. Each placesetting had a sprig of rosemary tied with a blush or plum ribbon.

Guests enjoyed the live band and danced all night long! Charlotte and Joe ended their night surrounded by close family, friends, oh and bubbles too!

Thanks to all our vendors who made this day possible!

Beauty: Naomi Rosete

Cake: Publix

Catering: Flipside Catering

Ceremony & Officiant: Jim Brookshire

Entertainment: Summerdaze Band & Elegant Ensembles

Florals: Flowers From the Cellar

Photography: Live Light photography

Venue: Foundation for the Carolinas


What to Know about Your Guest List | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is much more than dress shopping and menu tasting; there are some tricky tasks that are not so glamorous. Planning out your guest list can be one of those awkward items on your to do list but lucky for you we’ve come up with our best tips to help you conquer it!

Where to Start

Make a master list. When you first sit down to write out your guest list, don’t think too much about it; write everyone and anyone who you would possibly want to invite. This also doesn’t have to be done in one day; take some time to really think about it so you don’t have any last minute additions.

Narrowing It Down

During this process, it’s important to be realistic about your guest count which includes thinking about your budget and venue options. Come up with a comfortable number so you won’t have to hold your breath every time an RSVP card comes back in the mail.


It’s safe to say that if you’ve never met them or heard of them, you don’t need to invite them even if they are family. It’s also important to include whole families when thinking about invites, for example if you’re really close with your cousin Stacy, but not close with her sister, you still need to invite her, or risk starting a family feud. The exception to this rule is children – it’s totally acceptable to have an adults-only celebration.


Are you close to your co-workers (i.e. you hang out together outside of work)? If not, don’t feel obligated to invite them. Once you start inviting co-workers, you often have to invite the whole bunch (or risk hurt feelings) so consider if your guest list can accommodate this.

Plus Ones:

Not sure who gets a plus one? We’ve got a fun graphic for you!

If They Invited You:

Recently attended a friend’s wedding and you are still close? They should definitely make the guest list cut. But if you attended a friend’s wedding years ago and the friendship has since faded, it is appropriate to leave them off the list.

Still stuck? It’s important to remember that your wedding is a day to celebrate you and your soon-to-be-husband so the attendees should be those that are near and dear to you and supportive of your relationship. We would also love to help you with the guest list (and all those other difficult tasks!) so call us today!


Sweet Industrial Plum Wedding | Charlotte Wedding Planner

Erica & Robbie’s story started when they met through mutual friends at church in Belmont, NC. The couple hit it off and became high school sweethearts. They dated for seven years before Robbie popped the question on a snowshoeing trip in Colorado!

Their wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect! Erica & Robbie’s wedding style was industrial chic and featured a color palette of plum, grey and ivory. The bridesmaids wore dark plum lace dresses and paired them with lanterns instead of traditional bouquets. The ceremony & reception both took place at Loray Mills whose exposed brick walls were perfect for her vision. The night was filled with great food and even better company as guests danced the night away under the twinkling market lights. The icing on the cake was the sweet ribbon send off to close out the night.

Congratulations Erica & Robbie! We wish you two a lifetime of happiness!

Photos courtesy of Charlene Elizabeth Photography



Thanks to all the vendors that made this day possible!

Beauty: Brittany Rose Bridal

Cake: Carolina Cake Artistry

Catering: Bistro Catering

Venue: Loray Mills

Entertainment: All the Right Grooves & ShutterBooth

Floral: Willow Floral Boutique

Photography: Charlene Elizabeth

Rentals: Carolina Charm Rentals


Guide to Groomsmen Attire | Charlotte Wedding Planner

You’ve found your perfect dress and your bridesmaid’s gowns are ordered. Now, your groom and groomsmen need to look just as good! Below are a few tips and styling inspiration for him:


It’s all about fit! If you are buying, a good tailor is key. If you are renting, you can still have small adjustments made. A good tailored suit makes everyone look like James Bond!

Your suit should also fit the formality. If your venue and overall theme of the wedding is causal, try going for with a lighter colored suit & choosing a fabric like seersucker or khaki. If your wedding is taking place at an upscale hotel or swanky venue, consider going with a darker tailored suit or traditional tux.

Stay on Trend

Cummerbunds, pleated pants and cuffed pant legs are out! Popular trends include pocket squares, fun cufflinks, socks, mismatched suits or ties and navy or royal blue tuxes.

Remember, if you are going to buy it’s better to buy something a bit more traditional so you can wear it again. If your renting, you can have tons of fun with trends. Popular rental companies include: Men’s Warehouse, Jos. A. Bank, New York Bride & Groom, Black &

Coordination is Key

Remember your wedding day is your official debut as “Mr. and Mrs.” so make sure your outfits coordinate.

Coordinating with your groomsmen is also an important factor. Typically, the groomsmen match the groom but it is becoming more and more popular for the groom to stand out in a different look. Just make sure they all coordinate together and the overall look to create a cohesive look.


Once you have the suits down, it’s time to add a little pop of personality! Options like cufflinks, pocket squares and socks are a fun way to play with color and spice things up. A peak lapel will create a more formal, dramatic look while a notched lapel (what you find on a business suit) is better suited for a semi-formal event.

Ready to learn more?

If you think we could be your Something Perfect on wedding day, get in touch with us below. Once we hear from you, we will schedule a complimentary consultation to chat all about your wedding and how we can help.