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The Truth Behind “Day-Of” Coordination | Charlotte Wedding Planner

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Imagine, you’ve been planning your wedding for the past few months. You are on a roll with most of the planning yourself, but decide you don’t want to have to worry about anything on the day of your wedding, (because, really who does?!) so you hire a day-of coordinator.

What most couples don’t realize is what they actually want is a month-of coordinator, not a day-of. It is nearly impossible for someone to come in on the day of your wedding & understand your vision without meeting you beforehand. While it is certainly possible to hire a day-of coordinator, the coordinator wouldn’t know any details or specifics ahead of time, leaving them asking you questions about what should be happening. So now, someone who was supposed to make your day stress free is the reason you are stressed!

Not to mention, your other vendors would also be coming to you with questions since they wouldn’t know or trust the person who just stepped in on wedding day.

Like we said, what you really want is a month-of coordinator.

The month time frame allows us, as coordinators, & couples to get to know & build trust. We learn about your wedding day vision & become a part of it. You won’t be bothered on the day of your wedding as someone you trust will be in charge, making sure your dream wedding is coming together seamlessly and stress free so you can enjoy the day and take it all in.

As you search for your coordinator, make sure to read the fine print!

Still looking for your coordinator? We’d love to help! Get in touch with our team at samie@somethingperfectclt.com or 980.237.7610.

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